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UICollectionView Spacing

There are a few aspects to handling spacing and size of UICollectionViews and their cells. Lets start with the spacing around the actual uicollectionview. To do this we effectively add padding or edge insets. You can add edges to all sides of the collection view.

Now what about the cells within the UICollectionView. We can set […]

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UICollectionViewCell Segue

When using a UICollectionView, you may want to pass data from one controller to another when a user clicks on the collection view cells. In order to do this, we need to find the item that has been clicked on. With the uicollectionview and segue setup within the storyboard, you can use the prepareForSegue function […]

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Change UITabBar Height

If you need to amend the UITabBar in order to fit your layout or design perfectly, a common place to start is with the height. A quick and simple way I have been able to change the height is to subclass the UITabBar and then override the sizeThatFits(size: CGSize) function. If you are using Storyboards, you can […]

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